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Orabella RE.Vive Natural Skin Care Set x1 Set of 4 Products

Orabella RE.Vive Natural Skin Care Set x1 Set of 4 Products

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  • Micellar Wash
  • Toner Spray
  • UV Block
  • UV Block

Papaya Ferment: Gently exfoliates, resolves pigmentation

Glycolic Acid: Refines texture, brightens skin tone

Sunflower Oil: Block UVA/UVB rays, reduce melanogenesis

Ano ito? Rejuv ba ito?
May peeling o hapdi ba?
Para saan ito?

The ORABELLA RE.Vive Set is a SET of 4 products specifically formulated to whiten and brighten skin without the dreaded rebound effects.

This is NOT a damaging rejuvenating set. Only temporary dryness and some minor peeling should be expected.

THIS IS FOR YOU if you have dull, discolored, uneven skin tones, and prefer to use all-natural products that are safe for long-term use.

Pwede ba ito sa bata o matanda?
Pwede ba ito sa maselan o sa buntis?
Pwede ba ito sa lalake?

YES, the ORABELLA RE.Vive Set is SAFE for use by pre-teens, teens, adult women and men, seniors, pregnant or lactating women, and those with sensitive or acidic skins.

ORABELLA is for all!

Kailan ako puputi?
Sana mabilis ang effect!
Legit ba? Effective ba?

Sensorial effects from use of the ORABELLA RE.Vive Set are felt IMMEDIATELY upon first use: skin appears instantly brighter and more even-toned!

Please remember that skin tone is an ongoing concern, Bella. To effectively reverse and prevent signs of dullness and discoloration, YOU NEED DEDICATION TO A ROUTINE (not a miracle).

Pwede ba ito sa may melasma o pekas?

Melasma is a multifactorial and complicated concern that needs dedicated lifelong management. Medical intervention is often the best option in advanced melasma cases.

But YES, the ORABELLA RE.Vive Set can provide ideal SUPPORT for those seeking long-term and safe melasma management. For best results, we recommend you add the following to your RE.Vive Routine: the exfoliating DFS Toning Gel and the whitening ORABELLA PhytoGlow Serum.

Please remember that to properly manage melasma, YOU NEED CONSISTENCY (not a miracle).

Pwede ba ito sa may pimples?

The ORABELLA RE.Vive Set was formulated specifically to whiten and brighten skin. We recommend our best-selling anti-acne ORABELLA Defense Factor System instead, if that matches your Skin Goals better?

Hindi legit, walang effect.
Wala namang nagbago sa mukha ko.

How long have you been using the ORABELLA RE.Vive Set for? If you've been using it for less than 3 months, YOU MAY BE GIVING UP TOO SOON.

Please remember that our facial skin cell turnover slows down with age (from a complete cycle of 14 days at the age of 18, to 90 days at the age of 40). This means that long-term whitening and brightening effects from use of cosmetic products may not become evident until 90 days of continuous use on dull or discolored skins.

To speed up your desired effects, we suggest you add the following boosters to your RE.Vive Routine: the instantly exfoliating ORABELLA DFS Toning Gel and the whitening ORABELLA PhytoGlow Serum.

Whether you choose to add targeted products or not, TRUST THE PROCESS, Bella! All will be well.

Parang na-irritate ang balat ko!
Normal ba na may kati-kati at hapdi?
Namumula yung mukha ko.
Nangitim yung mukha ko!

The ORABELLA RE.Vive Set was formulated to be generally suitable even for sensitive skins, so yours is a puzzling reaction.

You likely started off with a damaged skin barrier. If you would like to continue whitening and brightening while simultaneously repairing your skin barrier, we suggest you add either of these products to your RE.Vive Routine: the ORABELLA CollaBoost Soothing Gel (for Dry to Normal skins) or the ORABELLA HydroBoost Soothing Gel (for Oily to Normal skins).

If you feel that your skin barrier is not damaged in any way, you are likely reacting to the RE.Vive Night Cream, which contains the highest concentration of active ingredients in the RE.Vive Set. Please limit use to thrice weekly (instead of nightly).

WE'RE ROOTING FOR YOU, Bella! Please keep us updated.

Pwede ko ba itong gamitin agad kahit
kakagamit ko lang ng ibang brand?
Dapat ba mag-rest muna and skin bago ko ito gamitin?

YES, unless your skin has been damaged or sensitized by
use of another brand, you may proceed with use of the ORABELLA RE.Vive Set immediately.

However if you're suffering from damage or sensitivity, we recommend use of the reparative ORABELLA RE.BOOST SET first instead. It will strengthen your skin barrier and prevent further sensitivity.

After use of the RE.Boost, you may switch to the ORABELLA Set that aligns with your ultimate Skin Goals!

Hanggang kailan ko pwedeng gamitin ito?
Ano ang isusunod kong Set dito?

All ORABELLA Sets are SAFE FOR LONG-TERM USE. Unless your Skin Goals have changed, you may keep using the set that works for you!

ORABELLA is forever!

Good for ilang araw na gamit ang isang set?

Each ORABELLA RE.Vive Set is calibrated to last you through 1 MONTH of normal use.

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